Breath taken,

Words spoken,

Tears fallen,

Body hanging,


Thank you for the tragedy.

Pulled it out of my coat one rainy evening,
Thudding in my palms.
I handed her the key to my happiness,
I handed her my heart.

Her warm hands felt like home,
Almost as if my dear little heart fit better there.
I smiled as she hugged me tight and kissed me on temple,
Maybe I’d finally found my happily ever after.

Fast forward into time,
Whats been given had not been kept fine,
Tattered,broken,torn apart,
Flung back at me was my poor heart.

In highs and lows we promised to stay together,
One kept his promise,the other went hither.
She made me dream,she made me believe,
My pessimistic soul ,she had changed with glee.

I miss her now, as i will a 100 years later.
Know not what i did wrong,
Know not why i wasn’t good enough,
Fate simply didn’t play along anymore.