Breath taken,

Words spoken,

Tears fallen,

Body hanging,


Who Cares If You Exist?

Adding up all the pain
Left in your brain
It’s just another black day
Sat indoors feeling alone and full of decay
Some skanky alchy’
Is looking at me in an understanding way

Friends don’t exist
Friends don’t exist
No one’s going to give you a kiss

Who cares if you exist
Friends don’t exist

When you’re sat at home alone
You may as well be asleep for the week
I’m so weak
But somehow I exist

Cherry Flavoured Antacid

After the sleepless night,
Eyes puffy and a sour mouth,
I got off my bed.
I had another day to get through
Another day to live as a lie
Brushed my teeth, took a shower
Put on my facade like a shroud
The world didn’t have to know
The world didn’t have to see.
Downed my cherry Flavoured antacid
Having grown familiar to the taste
Walked out the door,
With a smile on my face.